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Using Social Media to Screen Candidates

According to a national online survey conducted by Harris Poll, with regard to the use of social media to review candidates, a sizable number of employers confessed using social media as part of their screening process. Professional recruitment experts argue that screening job applicants through social media is not an objective screening tactic. They caution… Read more »

6 Things Your Recruiter Should Screen During the Candidate Review Process

Fast-growing companies sometimes need to hire multiple employees in a short time frame. These employees are either contracted or hired full-time. A professional recruiter should be able to help your company decide what types of talent are needed and get you the most qualified candidates in the job market. Below are crucial qualities a recruiter… Read more »

9 Questions an Interviewer Should Never Ask During an Interview and Why?

As an interviewer, have you ever asked an inappropriate question? The job interview is a very important factor in the employee selection process. It is the primary way, through the questions asked and interviewee responses, that an employer can best determine if the interviewee is a fit for the job. An interviewer can use behavioral-based… Read more »