6 Things Your Recruiter Should Screen During the Candidate Review Process

Fast-growing companies sometimes need to hire multiple employees in a short time frame. These employees are either contracted or hired full-time. A professional recruiter should be able to help your company decide what types of talent are needed and get you the most qualified candidates in the job market.

Below are crucial qualities a recruiter must screen for while recruiting your new employees.

Candidate’s Accomplishments

The applicant’s accomplishments must match many of the essential requirements in the job description. A recruiter should look for the candidate’s experience and success in the type of work expected. Identifying such accomplishments will help in picking team members who can step into a role and be productive from day one.

Social Media Profiles

Social media profiles can reveal a candidate’s professionalism, communication proficiency, after work lifestyle, and presentation skills. For example, if a recruiter is looking for a marketing candidate, their social media footprint will give clues as to their ability to communicate with a diverse audience.

Communication Style

A recruiter should look for a candidate with excellent communication style in both verbal and digital communication.  Spelling and grammar errors on what should be a proof-read resume are always a red flag.  If they can’t pay enough attention to their own resume to get it right, they may drop the ball in other areas as well.

Personal Brand

An employee represents your company. A candidate who excellently demonstrates a cohesive personal brand can put a great face on your brand, both in and out of the workplace.


It is important to dig deep into a candidate’s experience as it relates to the job description. It’s not good enough to rely on the resume. The recruiter should be asking for specific accomplishments and actively listening.

Other Skills…

Versatility helps workers to be innovative and flexible in their work. Sometimes there are complementary skills that will make a candidate an even better fit. The recruiter needs to screen for these additional skills.

A recruiter who understands the employer’s needs and can look outside the box will be able to provide a more diverse candidate pool.

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